CableCore Hub for iMac


The first add-on for your iMac computer that allows you to bring your ports within reach, with an amazing design. The iMac computers are very popular, powerful machines. We love them and use them daily, and could only find one flaw, which is the backside positioning of its peripheral ports. The CableCore Hub for iMac is the most beautiful solution for this imperfection, and is equally useful as it is attractive. Bringing the most used ports; USB & SDXC card slot to within comfortable reach in front of the computer.
The Hub takes less than a minute to install using only one (1) USB port from the back of your computer & externally powered with 4 amps of energy so all ports are fully energized. iMac does not lose its essence of minimalist design, which is crucial as it is one of the main features of this state of the art computer. By using the same materials this add-on will look like it was always supposed to be there, non-invasive and according to some even enhancing of the iMac’s beauty.

– 1X Superfast 2A USB Charge Port
– 3X 1A USB 3.0 Ports Backwards compatible to 2.0, 1.1
– 1X SDXC Card Slot
– AC-DC Adapter, input 100-240v
– 50-60Hz, output: 5V 4A

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